June 22, 2016

New Custom Built Home in East Burnaby

Burnaby Custom Built Home


Built for an active young family, this custom built Burnaby home is a beautiful example of contemporary design. Featuring coiffured ceilings, stainless steel appliances, and a full basement suite, this home's unique characteristics truly reflect our client's lifestyle and tastes.


Custom Built Kitchen

Who wouldn't want to cook up a storm in this custom built kitchen?


Custom Built Coiffured Ceilings

Coiffured ceilings are great detail for giving your home that custom feel.


Our clients had lived in this quiet East Burnaby neighborhood for four years before deciding that their house no longer fit the needs of their growing family. Rather than uproot and leave behind a home close to parks, schools, and downtown Vancouver, they decided that custom building their dream home was the way to go.


Demolition of old house in Burnaby

This old house didn't fit our clients needs, but was in the perfect location in East Burnaby.


 Custom Built Front Exterior at Lock Up

The home at "lock up": when the doors, roof and windows are on.


From the initial plans to demolition to painting and finishing, they had their say in every step of building their custom home.  With their 30 hours of interior design advice in our in-house customization studio, they chose simple yet modern finishes that will continue to look great for the years to come. Through our Constant Consultation program, they were able to make their “house” a “home” before even moving in!


Custom foyer

Special mouldings and custom lighting make for an elegant entrance in this foyer.


One unique challenge we faced with this home was that the lot was subject to R-10 zoning bylaws. R-10 zoning is specific to Burnaby and only allows for second floors that are a maximum of 50% of the size of the floor below. This means that if the second floor is the standard size of 900-1000 square feet, the main floor must be 1800 to 2000 square feet.  We worked with the home owners to create an efficient custom floor plan that includes three second floor bedrooms while meeting Burnaby zoning requirements.


custom door bow

Congratulations to our clients for moving into their new custom home!


If you have questions about zoning in Burnaby or elsewhere in Vancouver, or want more information about custom building, we should talk.  Click here to get in touch. 

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