February 6, 2011

Green Built LEED Certified Home in Burnaby

Wallmark Showcase Home: Built Green in Burnaby

LEED Built home Burnaby BC

The second installation in our Wallmark Showcase Homes series features a fantastic LEED certified home in beautiful Burnaby. From the tiered garden to the tiled backsplash, every detail has been carefully considered in this stunning Green Built Wallmark home.

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Homes that are LEED certified adhere to internationally recognized standards to improve home performance in areas such as water efficiency, energy savings, lower emissions, and higher indoor air quality. In addition, LEED certified homes are built with consideration of the environmental impact of the home and the resources used during construction.

Wallmark Custom Homes built this custom home in Burnaby to take advantage of energy efficient technologies and eco-friendly design without compromising on the comfort, design and style that the client wished to achieve. With it's LEED certification, the home not only lived up to the standards and expectations in the industry, it turned out to be exactly what the client wanted to come home to everyday.

Outside, the roof is outfitted with several solar panels that take advantage of the bright BC sunshine and provide 15-20% of the yearly electricity used in the home. In addition to utilizing natural sunlight, the roof and gutter system collect rainwater in a barrel that is then used to water the drought resistant plantings around the home's perimeter.

LEED Built home Burnaby BC Solar EnergyLEED Built home Burnaby BC Rain Collection System

LEED Built home Burnaby BC Garden Gourmet Compost binAlso outdoors, a Garden Gourmet compost bin provides the perfect solution for handling grass clippings and organic waste while saving money and reducing the amount of trash generated by daily living. The rich compost is then used to condition the soil and benefits the plants and landscaping.

LEED Built home Burnaby BC

A visual feast awaits inside this gorgeous Green Built home. The gourmet kitchen features all Energy Star rated appliances, including an induction stove that can boil water in just 45 seconds! Recycled glass tile and quartz stone countertops  compliment the warm hardwood flooring and rich color palette that carries from the kitchen throughout the home.

Plenty of windows and a generous use of glass block help the homeowners take advantage of natural light throughout the day which cuts down on electrical use. This custom built home proves that a home can be created that is eco-conscious and stylish without compromising on the comforts of modern living. The small details are what set this home apart and extend to the master suite which includes a built in lounging window for a cozy read.  The master bath features spa-like vanity complete with a custom molded glass top, a large soaker tub and a tankless hot water heater to provide plenty of hot water when needed.

At Wallmark Homes, we love taking the latest technology available and using it to create homes that are better for you and better for the environment. By building green, we all take steps toward being more environmentally responsible in our decisions and lifestyle. More photos are available to view on our website on this fantastic Green Built home in Burnaby. If you are interested in creating your own green home or learning more about the building process, we invite you to contact us anytime or come to one of our next FREE building seminars.

LEED Built home Burnaby BC

LEED Built home Burnaby BC