July 12, 2013

Steps 8 & 9 - Getting to Know Wallmark Homes

The eighth installment of “Getting to Know Wallmark Homes” explores the final stages of our highly successful 9 Step Building Process.

Step 8
Quality Assurance
A full Quality Assurance walk will be preformed with a Wallmark Custom Homes team member before you move into your new home.  Our warranty and maintenance program will be explained and the new systems in your new home will be demonstrated.  This hands-on grand tour will leave you not only with the confidence of knowing how to program the thermostat and operate the elevator, but it will leave you with the peace of mind only Wallmark homeowners possess.

Step 9
Customer Care
The final step towards ensuring complete satisfaction in your new home is Wallmark Homes' ongoing Customer Care services. Once you have settled into your new home, you will be contacted by one of Wallmark Homes' customer representatives. Wallmark Homes is always available to answer your questions and address any of your concerns before, during, even after construction. Our responsive Customer Service Program provides answers and information as well as convenient 24-hour assistance through our online customer support. Wallmark Homes strives to exceed your highest expectations by providing phenomenal customer service throughout each stage of the 9 Step Process. Contact our knowledgeable team of professionals today to learn more about how you can turn your dream home into a living reality with Wallmark Custom Homes.