July 5, 2013

Simple Tips when Designing your Custom Home

Cozy window seat detail in West Vancouver custom home

Before designing your home, looking for inspiration:

1) Finding inspiration for your new home can be as easy as walking down your favourite neighborhoods or developments and picking out your favourite homes.

2) Other inspiration sources, can be anything from your favourite home magazine to websites such as houzz and pinterest (you are welcome to check out Wallmark's houzz site and our ideabooks).

3) While these are all great sources of inspiration, just remember to make sure you take pictures, and detailed pictures if you can, of what you like.**Keep these photos organized, so later when you pull them out with a designer or interior decorate you can easily find them.

When you have received your first floorplans and are going over them:

1) Consider convenient locations for your laundry machines

2) Mull over the way the doors swing open in the floorplan

3) Ample Storage – often forgotten, well placed ample storage is a hidden gem in every home


Find this a  little overwhelming? Don't worry, Wallmark team members understand that building a home is a big experience.

Which is why we work hard to ensure that you not only have the information you need at every step along the way but that we are there to help you and answer any questions along the way.

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