July 5, 2013

3 Things to do while waiting for Permits

So you've spent the last few weeks staring intensely at your designs and interpreting every last detail... or asking a lot of questions to wrap your head around the idea of what your home will look like in reality. And now your plans have been sent in to the city to be approved for building in Metro Vancouver.

You have time.

At Wallmark we think that the most important thing to do during this waiting stage is to relax and maybe prepare your camera for the many construction shots it will be taking in. But we know that some of you like to think ahead. So here are 3 things to do while you’re waiting for your home to be approved:

Custom designed entry way for our new West Vancouver luxury custom home

1) Work on your interior design details

Consider colours that you really enjoy now, and others that you wouldn't mind switching out. Think about those designer bathrooms with the great tiles – maybe you can get something like it. Take pictures of those details that you've always wanted and start filing them away for later when you begin doing your interior.

2) Mull over your electrical layout

While this is accounted for in your allowances, thinking about the layout of your current home and how you use your electricity now will help you in creating a proper layout for your new custom home. Walk through each room, considering what you don’t even notice because it works so well, or what doesn't work and has always frustrated you. Make a note of it.

3) Pick a date!

If you want to begin construction on a certain day or do the demolition on a certain day, now is the time to discuss these dates with your Wallmark team member, so that we can do the best to accommodate you.

With Wallmark Custom Homes we not only help you through the design and estimate stage but we love to continue to meet and talk as your home goes through the construction stages and nears completion.

If you have any questions about any stage of building a custom home, or are curious to know when you can start building now with Wallmark, please call or contact us today to speak with a member of our Custom homes team.