May 22, 2013

5 Great Ways To Get Your Home Ready For The Swim Trunk and Suntan Season

Custom outdoor patio on this Custom Vancouver Home

If you’re anything like me, then you have already written down a list of fun things to do in or around Vancouver and started the  plans for a big vacation during the hotter months. But what do you do for your home? Whether your home is a custom Wallmark build or not, it has endured a rainy winter and deserves a little R&R too. Now is the best time to spruce up your home before the hot days roll in and you roll off to the beach!   With these 5 activities you can have both your home and yourself calm, cool and geared up for the fleeting backyard & barefoot months ahead.


1) Say Bye-Bye to winter!
Just as we shed our sweaters, long underwear and thick raincoats in spring, our home should shed the extra blankets, thick rugs, heaters, and candles. If you feel that your home is a little sparse with your winter decor missing you can replace them with light white mats, with fans or AC units and flowers.

2) Make room for Popsicles in your stomach (and your freezer)!
The little child in all of us loves to have ice cream and popsicles on a hot summer day. But after winter, finding room to store these delights may be a bit of an exasperating puzzle, especially if you find you haven’t cleaned up your freezer in a while. Cleaning out, defrosting and organizing your freezer will enable you to store the ice cold goodies for the summer while also opening up more space for steaks and other Bar-B-Q commodities.

3) Freshen the airflow!
It’s those few hot, sweltering days & nights in Vancouver where the air barely moves that usually has me running away from home and to any pond, creek or beach for relief. But there are ways to take your house back during those summer days and ban the humid, stagnant air from ever settling back in. Getting into the habit of leaving your drapes closed, strategically placing fans/AC units and refraining from using appliances such the dryer, oven & even your computer reduces the amount of heat entering your home.

4) Spruce up your home!
May and June are the perfect time to take on an around-the-house project. You won’t sweat as much and the drying time for paint or stain and calking jobs will be much quicker than in the winter, but not so quick that you are rushed for time when painting. Painting exteriors, decks and double checking your seals around windows and doors are just as important before summer as it is before winter. Reducing the amount of AC-cooled air flowing out keeps your home cooler while using less energy.

Another spectacular custom built patio in Vancouver
Indoor living extends fluidly to the deck with this lovely Vancouver custom build.

5) Prep for out-of-doors festivities!
Whether your version of a party during  the summer is a couple friends and family over for a BBQ and some board games or a much larger get-together with the whole shebang, prepping now will save the hassle for your future self. Clean off your patio furniture, put up a hammock, check out your camping stock, put up the trampoline, get the blender blades sharpened and double check your stock of popsicles & ice cubes.

To help you keep your home operating at its peak performance throughout the balmy summer months, check back here for more tips and tricks. If your home is bogging down under the weight of its years or you’re looking for a change give us a call. Wallmark Homes has been a top custom home builder in Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area for over 25 years and we believe that listening is the best way to begin building.