May 22, 2013

We would like you to meet the Custom Approach to Building a Laneway Home in Vancouver


Custom designed kitchen cabinets

While laneway homes in Vancouver are small, typically between 644- 750 sq ft, their  decreased size could increase the need for customization. With limited floor space,  every square foot should focus and accommodate for a lifestyle. A lifestyle for your  grandparents or for your adult kids or even if you are offering an independent rental  suite. Considering lifestyle aspects such as private access, a secluded deck, storage  and parking are important factors to think about when designing and building a  laneway home in Vancouver.

Building with a lifestyle in mind can be difficult when you consider the dimensions of a  Vancouver laneway home and the many functions that each room must serve. That’s why at  Wallmark we believe in talking before building. Open communication enables us to  design and budget a customized home before we build. No matter the size of the  home, we use the same process providing you with the home for your lifestyle.

Here are 3 ways to illustrate the custom approach at work:

1) Meeting your needs; Being able to adjust plans to protect your favorite backyard apple tree, being able to design and integrate features such as dog baths for Buddy, Oscar and Milo, and being able to put priority on design elements such as a level entry or having the master and main living area on the main floor with a focus for storage upstairs, are just some of the ways you can customize your Vancouver laneway home.

2) Built-In for you. If you have ever spent time in a home smaller than 1000 square feet, you know that storage is worth its weight in gold and open space creates a sense of comfort.. With dazzling floor to ceiling custom kitchen cupboards, useful storage solutions for your living room and cozy window seats, you’ll find that not only do built-ins serve practical purposes but they also use the limited space of your laneway home wisely which helps you control clutter.

Moulding for your laneway home!

3) Your finishing touch. Designing the interior on a moderate to large house is difficult, just ask our newest homeowners, but designing for a smaller scale can be somewhat daunting. Our interior designer Leslie can guide you through these decisions one step at a time, helping you to create a laneway home that is just as personalized as a home on a larger scale

For Wallmark, creating a home is not just building a house; instead it is the translation of a homeowner’s dream into reality, no matter the size of the dream. Over the past 25 years we have had many great opportunities to combine the dreams of homeowners with the skills and knowledge of our team of experts to produce a reality that is on time, on budget and aligned with each homeowner’s distinctive vision.