March 20, 2014

Designing with a Custom Home Designer

Working with you to not only create a home that is your dream, but to create a home that meets your budget.

One of the biggest advantages of working with Wallmark Custom Homes is having your home built by a team of industry experts who have a years of experience  helping people build custom homes in Vancouver and all around Greater Vancouver. With over 25 years in business we have built a great relationship with several of Vancouver's top home designers.

In this edition of getting to know the people that we know, we will feature Bob Rusbourne one of Vancouver's premiere home designers.

Bob, a home designer, explains the difference between an architect and a home designer:

During an interview with Wallmark, Bob indicated how important the topographical survey is, not only by stating its extreme importance to a home designer but also by continually coming back to it and saying that he needed to have it before he could consider different design elements. As a home designer who works for you, one of the first things he asks you to do when prepare for your initial meeting with him is to have a topographical survey included with other documentation.

Without the topographical survey, Bob says that all drawings made are subject to change and he was hard pressed to say he could even draw without the survey saying that 2 of the more critical aspects that he needs for initial drawings are form the topographical survey. The first of these two factors is the slope of the land which will produce the viable locations for the garage. And secondly "the lay of the land", which tells Bob how deep he can draw a basement and how high the home can be. Without the survey these aspects are virtually impossible to glean and the drawings will most likely be re-drawn later.

Bob, whom we have been collaborating with for over 15 years, says that his favourite part of designing a custom home are the moments when homeowners phone him after the home is built and to tell him how much they love their new home.

From the initial drawings to the final home plans, the entire Wallmark team works both with you and with your home designer to ensure that the home you plan is a home that not only matches your dreams but also a home that meets your budget.

When helping you to design your home, we are not only there to provide you with information on how to build your home, but also to help you understand how different design features will affect the bottomline. Moreover we are there to explain how a small change, like placing a columns to split up a great open room, affects you and your budget. That is why we felt it necessary to include this as part of our no obligation, no cost Constant Consultation Program where we help guide you through the pre-construction process ensuring your home will be built with your needs and budget in mind.  Contact us today to take full advantage of this program at no cost to you and ensure your home is built with you in mind.