February 28, 2014

Planning a New Custom Home in Greater Vancouver and Where You Should Start

From design to home, Wallmark works with you every step along the way.So you want to build a custom home in Vancouver or the surrounding area and you have no clue where to start. The first thing many people do is go to the bank to see if this is even a feasible option, financially does it make sense? Now this is a great first step but trying to see how much money you can use to build your new dream home might not be the best way to approach it. Going to the bank with numbers and figures of the expected costs instead, can sometimes mean the difference of building your dream home and not.
How do you get those numbers? This is where we believe the true first step is; speak with a custom home builder. Speaking with someone who has firsthand knowledge will help give you the numbers and details you need to go to a bank and show them the true costs involved in building your new dream home, rather than having them estimate it based on everyone’s else’s dream. This can mean the difference of getting your new home built and not.
Many builders charge for this initial meeting, but at Wallmark Custom Homes we believe there should be no charge for talking, and that’s why we built our no obligation, no cost Custom Home Consultation Program. This program was designed to give home owners the information and knowledge they need to navigate the home building process. Now, you may find some other builders have followed suit and are now also started offering this first consultation for free which is great, we encourage everyone to speak with as many people as they can to get the full picture of what their dream home will cost. But at Wallmark Custom Homes we believe in being unique (a custom home builder should be as custom as their homes) and not do just do what others are doing, so we took it several steps further. With our Custom Home Constant Consultation Program we will help guide you through the full pre-construction process from ordering the first survey to getting permits, so that when you go to build your home you are fully prepared. All of this we offer again at no cost and no obligation to anyone who would like to take advantage.Wallmark_StackedLogoWithTag
One of the benefits of having someone guiding you along the way is it helps you ensure that your new home is designed and planned with your budget and your needs in mind. Custom home building can be a confusing process where even the smallest mistake can cost time and money. Having someone help guide you along the way ensures that your needs and budget are top of mind with everyone involved will help give you peace of mind in an otherwise very stressful process.
In the next few posts we will go over the other steps involved in the pre-construction process including lot appraisals, design stage, permits and fixed price wish list consultations. All, of course, are offered in our Constant Consultation program and don’t worry this program was designed to help home owners no matter what stage of the pre-construction process they are in. If you have any questions about this program or want to setup the first step to building your dream home, don’t hesitate to call.New Vancouver Home Builder Wallmark Homes will be at the BC Home and Garden Show