July 4, 2013

Benefits of Building a Custom Home

With an outstanding reputation and one of the most respected names in the business, Wallmark Homes would love to help you when you are considering building a new custom home in Vancouver.

For most people, building a new custom home will be one of the largest investments, of both time and money that they will make in their lifetime. Previous homeowners of Wallmark custom homes have come out of the building experience alive, but happy, grateful and continuing to enjoy the experience of owning a Wallmark custom home.

Gorgeous Newly Finished Custom Home in Greater VancouverThese homeowners, much like you, were looking to live in a specific area in Great Vancouver but growing frustrated with either a lack of market or the in ability for the homes to meet their needs and desires To find a solution, they looked up different ways to meet their needs and found that tearing down an older, inefficient home and building up a new custom home would meet their exacting specifications.

At Wallmark Custom Homes, we understand that a home is more than a roof over your head. Instead it is an intimate part of our lives, that literally shapes how we live, work, eat and play. When entering well designed homes, you immediately notice how it functions smoothly, how every little detail seems to be thought about before you even move. Other homes leave you frustrated, cramped and forever searching for the same light switch even after ten years of living there.

One of the best things about building a custom home, is you have the ability not only to ensure that you are living in a home that meets your family’s needs and specifications but also one that allows you to flow from room to room, that has the light switches where you expect them, that has the storage where you need.

Not only does Wallmark offer you a custom home built to the specifications of your budget and your needs but we also give you the full service experience from survey to home warranty.

Are you ready to learn more about Wallmark’s Custom Home experience? We enjoy answering your questions, so please give us a call and let’s build from there.