February 29, 2016

West End Home Demo From Two Angles

DSC 0380

There are many steps required in building your dream custom home, and one of the very first ones is demolishing your old home. 


Here at Wallmark Custom Homes, we always give a small moment of silence for any home we are demo-ing in either Burnaby, Vancouver, or North Vancouver because it is always sad to see a home go. Knocking down these old memories is a bittersweet experience, but it must be done when you're in the business of custom home building. 


About two weeks ago we began the custom home process at a home in the West End. We first had to have the home abated to get rid of any harmful chemicals that may be released into the air when the demolition happens. This usually leaves the home in a kind of spooky (and messy) state. 

DSC 0303

Front of the home after abatement

DSC 0280

Back of the home after abatement


Inside of the home after abatement


Inside of the home after abatement (the gray "dust" is insulation!)

Now the the home is ready, we were able to start the demolition! We were lucky enough to get, not one, but TWO videos of this home being demo-ed. While we were filming out video up front, little did we know the bulldozer technician was filming a timelapse on his iPhone from the back! Gotta love technology!


Because of the technicians smart think we are able to bring you two angles of the demo in this video. We hope you enjoy this short video that is accompanied by "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen!!


We are sad to  see this old home go... BUT so very excited to start the build of a beautiful Vancouver Home!


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