July 5, 2011

Wallmark Homes FREE Topographical Survey Promotion

Are you looking to build the home of your dreams? Wallmark Homes is here to help you get started. From now until the end of June, Wallmark Homes is pleased to incur the $1500 fee for the topographical survey of your property. Why do you need a topographical survey?

Topographical surveys provide an accurate engineering base for design by locating existing improvements, utilities and drainage  features, elevations, boundaries, structures, wetlands, inverts and  any other man made or natural features on your property.

Properly surveyed sites will not only determine if others  are entitled to partial use of your property though easements for  utilities or rights-of-way but will also verify whether trees, fences,  gardens, driveways, sidewalks, swimming pools, additions and other  property improvements technically lie on your property. Topographic  surveys can also tell you when an on-site elevation change  is going to cause your planned building to interfere with building  codes or the boundaries and air rights of nearby properties.

An indispensable component to the planning process and a required step of any custom build, a topographical survey will help ensure that your new home in the Greater Vancouver metro is planned to perfection from the very start. There are only a limited number of  free surveys available, so act now to take advantage of this great Wallmark Homes promotion! Contact our Custom Homes Sales Team today for  more information on how you can qualify for your Free Topographical Survey*.

*Certain terms, conditions and restrictions apply, contact Wallmark Homes for details.