October 22, 2014

Introducing: The Custom Home Budget Calculator

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What comes first? The chicken or the egg? A similar question can be asked when trying to determine if building a custom home is the right choice for you. You need to know how much it will cost you before you go to the bank, but until you design your home and determine the specifications of your home; your end cost is just a shot in the dark.

Wallmark Custom Homes introduces a tool that will help. Similar to a Mortgage Calculator found on any bank’s website, we have created a Custom Home Calculator that will help you determine if building a custom home is right for you and what your true comfort level for a budget may be.

Wallmark Custom Home Budget Calculator 650

When looking at the cost of a custom home, many people focus on the home, forgetting about the many other costs and steps involved. The Custom Homes Budget calculator helps identify all the costs and steps involved in building a custom home and helps evaluate your true project budget, not just simply your home budget.

Whether you are building on the North Shore, Vancouver or Burnaby, our Wallmark Custom Homes Budget Calculator and Constant Consultation Program will help you identify the right steps towards building your new home on budget and on time. Contact us today to learn more about our Constant Consultation Program and our Custom Home Budget Calculator by calling 604-420-5220 or emailing bradc@wallmark.ca .

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