June 18, 2012

Summer Is Near!

A Coquitlam Summer! With trees at your back and the views of the lower mainland right in front of you, spending your summer at Burke Mountain’s new premier community is sure to sooth and delight. There will be plenty of new opportunities and activities throughout the summer. From new homes to new parks and walkways, there will always be something new to see.

Have your summer guests over for a BBQ in the impressive back patio installment. The back patio was designed around the perfect summer evening. The peaceful sound of Smiling Creek can be heard in the background while you and your guests enjoy a meal on the 10- foot covered patio next to a stone fireplace. The granite countertop and built-in gas hook up for your BBQ keep the meal close by and ready to serve.

Come and view our beautiful state of the art patio at our show home between 12-5pm every day except Friday. Click here to find out more information about Carte Blanche.