July 12, 2013

Steps 6 & 7 - Getting to Know Wallmark Homes

The sixth installment of "Getting to Know Wallmark Homes" ventures further into our proven 9 Step Building Process with Steps 6 and 7.

Step 6
Framing and Electrical Tour
As the leading home builder in greater Vancouver for over 20 years, Wallmark Homes knows that communication is key to building exceptional, custom homes. Wallmark gives you the opportunity to see first hand the quality craftsmanship that goes into the construction of your new home when you personally meet with your project manager during the Framing and Electrical Tour. Your experienced, flexible Project Manager will will answer any questions you may have when reviewing the framing, room layouts, electrical plan, structural wiring and plumbing layouts and is open to making on-site changes if necessary.


Step 7
Cabinet Layout Consultation
Reviewing the plans of your home, interior design selections and room layouts on a piece of paper can make most wonder, "What will it look like when it's finished?"  "What will the kitchen look like?" Being the most commonly used room in most homes, it is important to Wallmark Homes to ensure that the layout and design of the cabinetry match what you envisioned when designing your dream kitchen. During the Cabinet Layout Consultation, you will approve the cabinet layout for the kitchen and other rooms that have planned cabinetry. Adjustments can be made to perfect these important finishing touches in your custom Wallmark home.


Watch the entire 9 Step Buding Process on our YouTube channel or contact our knowledgeable Team of Professionals today to learn more about how you can own the Wallmark home of your dreams.