July 12, 2013

Step 1 of 9 - Getting to Know Wallmark Homes

The third installment of the "Getting to Know Wallmark Homes" weekly review begins our tour through Wallmark Homes' proven 9 Step Building Process, starting at ground level with the Topographical Survey.

Topographical Surveys are a required step of any custom build. As an indispensable component to Wallmark Homes' planning process, a Topographical Survey will help ensure that your new home in the Greater Vancouver metro area is planned to perfection from the very start. Topographic surveys provide an accurate engineering base for design by locating existing improvements, utilities and drainage features, elevations, boundaries, structures, wetlands, inverts and any other man made or natural features on your property. Properly surveyed sites will also tell you if an on-site elevation change will cause your planned building to interfere with building codes or the boundaries and air rights of nearby properties.

Wallmark Homes' YouTube videos provide further details regarding the benefits of Topographical Surveys as well as further insight into each step of our 9 Step Building Process. Contact our team of skilled professionals today to learn more about how our 9 Step Process will move you into your brand new custom built home on a timeline and budget that is perfect for you and your family.