February 28, 2019

How your property might affect your custom build.

Instal of Storm Water Management System

Property Considerations: How your property might affect your build .

As we enter the spring real estate market in Greater Vancouver, many people are our searching for the perfect property for their new custom build home. Others are considering tearing down their current home, and rebuilding on their existing property.

We receive calls daily asking, “How much does it cost to build a new home?”. What most people don’t realize, is that the property they own, or about purchase has a large impact on what the final build cost will be and how their home can be designed.

Whether you are looking to tear down your existing home, or purchase a new property to build on, we always encourage you meet with us first as we can do a property assessment. This assessment allows us to determine any potential risks and/or costs that your property might have on your new  custom build.

This list is not intended to scare you away from building, but instead to help you understand how some initial research can prepare you for selecting the right property or establishing an accurate budget.

Here is a full list of items that items that some of our clients have experienced with building in North Vancouver, Burnaby and Vancouver. 

Easements and right of ways




City Services (Storm and Sanitary)

Age of existing home

Grade/Slope of Property

Soil and/or Bog Conditions

Size of property, zoning of property and building restrictions

Let's start by talking, and build from their. Call us today to discuss your property and building goals.

Brad Cowden
New Home Consultant/Project Manager