August 22, 2019

North Vancouver: the best value?

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New homes in North Vancouver: are they REALLY the best value?

We've compared across the three major areas: North Vancouver, Vancouver and West Vancouver; and we decided to analyze sales data from July 1st 2019 until August 16th, 2019 of all new homes (homes less than one year old) built on lots between 4,000 sqft and 12,000 sqft.

And here's what the data suggests:

- The median sales price (MSP) of a North Vancouver home is lowest of the three; 

- The land size of a new North Vancouver home falls in the middle of the two, along with the home size as well;

- Additionally, while both Vancouver and West Vancouver have a similar price per square foot (PPSF), the PPSF of a new home in North Vancouver is about 35% less than the other two.

Check out the chart below for all the details:


North Vancouver


West Vancouver



 $  3,270,000.00

 $     3,780,000.00

Land Size




Home Size








That definitely showcases just how great of value exists in our 10 Plums community in Upper Delbrook!

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