July 15, 2013

Location, Location, Location

While we were busy building our community Carte Blanche; Coquitlam has also been busy expanding and flourishing as a community. Located at the base of the mountains and looking over the Greater Vancouver Area; Burke Mountain boasts many ingredients to a well developed community.

1)      Location

Location is key. If you would like to be close to Vancouver; but want to enjoy the serenity of the nearby forest, Burke Mountain is the place to be. Within an hour of most of the Tri-city amenities, Coquitlam also offers great access to Grouse, Cypress and Seymour mountains as well being the destination for the new Evergreen line that is currently being built.

2)      Schools

Education is a cornerstone ingredient to a good community, as it provides the future generations with the knowledge to carry throughout life. Coquitlam offers many elementary, middle &  high schools within the area. With new plans drawn up for future elementary, middle and high schools; this is the perfect time for your family to relocate.

3)      Recreational activities

Coquitlam is teeming with both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. Over a dozen community centres are available for use, as well as an indoor ice centre and two indoor swimming pools and in addition to all of this Coquitlam has many trails and parks to keep the outdoor hikers happy and content. The foothills at Burke mountain are also closer to a provincial park (Pinecone provincial park) and the regional park Minnekhada. Click here to check out the trail system.

4)      Transportation

Transit: The Coquitlam Central station for both the  West Coast Express, buses, the 97-B line and a parking lot that boasts over 600 parking spots is located just off the intersection between the Barnet Hwy and the Loughheed connector.

In addition to this there is future installment of the Evergreen line that will connect the Coquitlam Centre with downtown Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond.

There is a wealth of information on the City of Coquitlam’s website that details anything from the future plans of Northeast Coquitlam to what day your garbage and recycling will be picked up. If you would like to know more information about Burke Mountain and its amenities, please drop by their information center at the corner of David Avenue and Coast Meridian.