December 6, 2013

For beginners: Building a custom home with Wallmark Homes

Vancouver Custom Home on 33 ft lotIf you could build a home that was tailored to suit your family’s every need, what would it look like? Would you start by adding a mudroom off the garage? For those after soccer entrances, where you’re more and more certain your children are really just training for a tough mudder. Or would you want a master en-suite that evokes a spa sensation whenever you enter. Or would it include a touch of elegance with wainscoting and a patterned drop ceiling?

Building a new custom home can be one of the biggest projects you will undertake. And trusting that work to a  professional can help alleviate the stress and headaches that will arise. With over 25 years of building new custom homes around Vancouver, Wallmark Custom Homes would love to show you how we can help to make this lifetime event a smoother, timely process.

The building process begins long before the footings are poured or excavation begins, and even before you sit down with an architect. Building a custom home in Vancouver may begin before you even have a plot of land, but more likely it will begin with examining a plot of land you already own and wish to build upon.

On empty lots you will need to consider ordering a topographical survey to find out about the lay of the land and any geographical aspects that will affect the building or stability of your new home. For tear-downs, there are many other things to consider, such as having a hazmat assessment done for homes built earlier than 1990 to eliminate any hazardous materials as well as finding a demolition team.

It is critical to design your home with your budget and lifestyleCustom Coquitlam Home in mind.
Designers will help you to design your new home around your needs. However some features that may make sense from a design stand point may not make sense from a budget one. Having someone experienced in the building process, who knows how to coordinate building cost and design, can save many headaches down the road.

After designing your home and having your plans finalized by sending them to a structural engineer, you are ready to submit your permits to the city of Vancouver. With the acceptance of the permits and excavation, the fun can really begin!

From here on out, you will be making choices from electrical and plumbing fixtures to flooring, paint and exterior materials. All of which need to be decided on time to meet building schedules, otherwise your decision may hold up construction.

At Wallmark, we provide a steady hand as you maneuver your way through the process of building a home. From the survey to the permit stage we will help you make the best choices for you and your family while helping to ensure that your budget is maintained. As your home begins to take shape, we provide you with an interior designer to assist you with the many finishing decisions, helping you to make your home as unique as you are.

Your experience with Wallmark Homes doesn't end with you moving in. Using a custom home builder in Greater Vancouver to help build your dream home or laneway home will not only make the building process smoother but it will also add peace of mind after you have moved into your new home. By providing a 2-5-10 Traveller’s home warranty, Wallmark Custom Homes helps to guarantee that the home you move into stays the way home you moved into for years to come.