July 16, 2013

A Tale of Intrigue from The Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association

The Troy's R Us TeamWhat type of home can you create with dry pasta and a glue gun?  It seemed like an easy task when posed to team Troy’s R Us, a team consisting of a variety of members from around the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association (GVHBA). Included were; Captain Troy Abromaitis (Wallmark Homes), Quartermaster Adrea Jauck (Marcraft Homes), First Mate Erynn Johnson (Marcraft Homes), Pilot Dinah MacArthur (Polygon Homes), Carpenter Fahad Abrahani (Royalty Group Realty), Sea Artist Perry Sih (Marcraft Homes), and Boatswain Rob Shute (Sears).

Each with their own specific set of skills (unfortunately none in the physical construction of new homes) they took to the noodles with a ferocity, skill and determination only found in a 3rd grade art class. Knowing they didn't have the necessary abilities to beat their opponents with building skill they decided to take another approach: create a custom home with the needs of the owners in mind.

Hours passed and what they created was nothing short of miraculous, a custom home with specific features and specifications designed to meet the needs of the judges and attendees alike. At first glance it appeared that it might collapse and crush the pipe cleaner patrons under ounces of dried pasta, however upon further inspection in seemed stable and well designed, in a Tim Burtonesc way.

The perfect Tiki lounge they called it; with gems lining the roof like the night sky, a disco ball shining down on the dancers, and a bar where patrons from all walks of life go to consort.  The linguini (or maybe spaghetti) fields surrounded the bar with hints of the holiday season; a Christmas tree Charlie Brown would be proud to call his ownThe Custom Home made from Pasta stood (or flopped) in the corner.

The judges and attendees wandered throughout the room examining and evaluating the pasta homes, preparing to deliver their combined verdict on the best built building.  Before it left the lips of the announcer team Troy’s R Us knew they had lost this battle, winning the best built house was not in their cards tonight.

All was not lost though there was one prize left, an award for the team that could best promote and sell their home to the judges.  Even though their custom Vancouver home looked as if children had constructed it team Troy’s R Us knew they still had a chance.  They took to the streets campaigning their home, describing it and selling it to everyone in the room.  What started out as looks of confusion quickly changed to intrigue and delight once they heard the custom options and the support team that was available to them if they purchased this home.

After 15 fast minutes no more could be done it was fully out of their hands.

"Troy’s R Us" announced the judges. They had done it despite all odds against them they had done it.  They were able to show that even though they didn't build the sturdiest or most visually appealing of homes they were the best at listening to the needs of the buyers and delivered a custom home that best suited their needs.

So from Vancouver Home Builder, Wallmark Homes  we would like to congratulate all of team Troy’s R Us and everyone else who participated in the GVHBA event making it a success.