October 26, 2015

9 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations For Your Custom Home

halloween pumpkins pattern wallpaper 1024x1024 1

Halloween is only a week away! Time to get into full celebration mode and really turn up the spook factor in your home. Wallmark has searched the depths of the internet to bring you some of the spookiest, cutest, and, most importantly, easiest DIY decoration ideas. So wither you are currently in your Wallmark Custom Home or thinking of building one you'll always be the envy of North Vancouver, Burnaby, and/or Vancouver.

1. Mummify your front door 

mummy door

 Kid friendly and easy to do, just get this look with some streamers, construction paper, and tape. 


2. Hang up garage bag spider webs


Just like Christmas snowflakes, but slightly more fear inducing. Check out how to do these giant spider webs in under 15 minutes!


3. Fake spider magnets

MG 7975

Speaking skin-crawling amounts of spiders, here’s a quick tutorial on how to make some magnetic spiders. 


4. Milk Jug Ghosts

Halloween Ghost Jugs

Have fairy lights? Some milk jugs? Then you can easily make these cuties! Just draw a spooky little face on your recycled containers, cut a whole out of the back, and stick the lights in those fellas: Bam! So cute and so easy. 


5. Party Cup Monsters


Milk jugs too much work? Grab some plastic cups, your trusty marker, tea lights, and your imagination! Your kids will love drawing some goofy-faced cups that can place all around your yard.


6. Cheese Cloth Ghosts

Ghost 01

Hang these guys around the porch of your home. Easily made and easy to take care of. Best part about them is that the typical Vancouver rain will just add to their spookiness.


7. Cobweb  Pumpkins

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No time to carve pumpkins? Or kids too young for carving materials? Try this simple decoration, as long as they are in a lighted area they will be just as frightening as a normal jack-o-lantern.


8. Paper Rat Silhouettes

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A rat is not a typical sight in Vancouver, so these are sure to make someone jump! Cut some of these little critters out and stick them on your stairs to cause your own "infestation".


9. Glow stick Eyes

121029 018

Put your empty paper rolls to good use and create these creepy eyes. If you live in a forested area, like North Vancouver, put them in the trees around your house to be sure to give all the trick or-treaters a scare.


We hope you enjoyed these DIY decoration ideas that are sure to add some spook to your dream home this Halloween. If you are not in your dream home yet, check out Wallmark Custom Homes Gallery, and if you like what you see contact us and we will be happy to discuss building a home you'll spend many Halloweens in!

 Happy Halloween!