July 19, 2012

Worried About The New Mortgage Rules?

Worried how the new mortgage rules will affect your next home buying experience? Purchaing with 20% or more down?
You have no need to worry and here’s why:

There is no need to worry about paying those higher mortgage payments when purchasing your next home. After last week, when the Department of Finance changed the insured mortgage rules, we watched to see how those changes would affect the average Prime Mortgage  and we saw that those changes did not affect prime mortgages at most big financial institutes.

Provided for you by Wallmark Homes   is a list of the major financial institutions that have continued to offer 30 years as a maximum for home buyers who are paying for their new home with 20% or more down. Additionally there is information on major financial institutions that still have a maximum of 35 and 25 years on their prime mortgages.


                                                                   30 Years Maximum:                                                                     
Bank of Montreal
First National Bank
Home Trust
Industrial Alliance
Manulife Bank
RBC Financial Group
TD Canada Trust 

35 Years Maximum:
Cost Capital Savings
Laurentian Bank
RMG Mortgages

25 Years Maximum:
ING Direct

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