July 10, 2013

Window Shopping this weekend? Here's something to consider!

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At Wallmark homes, we know that when you build your custom home in Vancouver there are many choices that you get to make, from the general layout of the home, right down to the doorbell that chimes in your guests. Amongst the oodles of exciting interior design decisions that you get to make is something that you may not have considered: window frame colour.

Walk down any Vancouver street looking at houses and you will notice that some windows have dark, white or wood surrounding their glass cutouts.  A reoccurring design feature, dark window frames add an exquisite aspect to any room in your custom home. A rare feature, dark window frames are neither ugly nor do they give off a gloomy, shady feeling to the exterior of your home (they are far too small of an accent to leave such an impression). Instead black window frames typically bring a sense of definition to the architecture, for both the interior and exterior of your home. Don’t be worried about a potential clash in your colour scheme either, black windows also look great with dark floors and even better against light, natural exteriors.

To see how you can tailor dark frames to bring that extra definition to your home, click here to check out  Wallmark’s houzz profile where there are examples of both white and dark frames for your inspiration.



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