March 16, 2020

Spring Cleaning In Less Than A Day

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Warm days and sunshine are finally here! And especially with the coronavirus going around, now more than ever it’s important to stay and keep clean – both inside your home and out.


But we know that cleaning is no one’s favourite chore. Fear not! We’ve broken it down to a schedule so you can do it all in one day or less.


Because, after all, not all superheroes wear capes, right?


9AM: Bathrooms

-       Spray and soak the shower so you can easily wipe it down at the end

-       Wipe and vacuum the walls and ceilings. Don’t forget about the fan!

-       Wash any and all rugs, and towels

-       Clean the mirrors and windows

-       By now, your shower should be ready for srubbing

-       Map the floors


10AM: Bedrooms

-       Dust all surfaces, and vacuum / wipe the walls and ceilings

-       Open up a window or too and air out the room

-       Wash all the linens: Sheets, duvet, pillow cases.. Don’t forget about your mattress cover too!

-       Wash windows

-       Steam clean or vacuum any carpets or area rugs


1230PM: Kitchen

-       Clean out the fridge and freezer, and give it a nice wipe on the outside too

-       De-grease your stove and also clean your oven while you’re at it

-       Clean and wash windows

-       Wipe down all cabinets and counters

-       Lastly, tackle the floors!


2PM: The rest of the rooms

-       Dust all surfaces

-       Vacuum and wipe all walls and ceilings

-       Spruce up your couch with some fabric cleaner

-       Clean the windows and electronics

-       Clean the carpets

-       And then finally treat yourself to a much needed glass of wine or beer! You deserve it!!