July 12, 2013

No Surprises! On-Time Fixed Price Guarantee

Wallmark Homes, Vancouver's leading custom new home builder, has taken every measure to ensure that our buyers know exactly what to expect and when to expect it, and we put it in writing. Not knowing beforehand the bottom dollar of what your new home will cost can have devastating results; problems with loan approvals, stretched budgets or worse-defaulting on your contract.

Our On-Time Fixed Price Guarantee is designed to give you piece of mind by protecting you from hidden charges or costly addendums that many home builders include later in the building process. Wallmark Homes' Fixed Price Guarantee assures you upfront exactly what your costs will be regardless of the ever-fluctuating costs of materials and labor.  No guessing, no estimating, no surprises. Knowing precisely when your home will be completed not only gives you piece of mind but allows you to easily keep your ducks in a row as your move-in date approaches.

Building the home of your dreams shouldn't be stressful and full of uncertainty, it should be exciting and full of positive anticipation!  As a full service custom home builder, Wallmark Homes' talented team of professionals is here to educate you and patiently assist you every step of the way from selecting the perfect home site to choosing the best location for your power outlets. Why spend another year in a home that doesn't quite fit when you could be living in a brand new home that is custom built just for you? Contact us today!