September 26, 2013

Designing a new home can be daunting, we can help


When you work with an architect or a home designer of your choice, Wallmark is there to help you through the stage as much as possible. The advantage of having our expert team members looking over your home plans as much as you will be? Years of experience.

Experience that translates into being able to see how the construction costs of certain elements will severely affect your bottom line, and making sure you are aware of these costs. Having a Wallmark team behind you every step of the way, means there are more people to look for possible oversights and to help you consider different aspects of your home.

When asked about what are important considerations for designing a custom home, Brad Cowden, our sales manager said that, "site orientation, view lines of the home – what you see from different perspectives of the house including the exterior or interior of the home, natural light, the structural designer of the home" were all important aspects.

Having a team like Wallmark Custom Homes, that includes such talented individuals as Bob Rusbourne and Leslie Waters, not only benefits you during the design stage but it will also continue to benefit you down the road. After all it is always easier to make adjustments earlier than in the end when they could be more costly or time consuming.

So what can you do as a homeowner to keep your project on target and your experience as great as possible? As Brad advises, "Get professionals to review [your] designs, and make sure [you] are getting feedback and guidance each step of the way."

At Wallmark, not only are these professionals already working for you, reviewing your plans and giving you feedback as you proceed through each step of the design phase, but we are also providing this at no obligation to you. It is a complimentary service that shows you the level of expertise that we can not only deliver during the design and pricing stage but also the level of detail and quality that will translate into and throughout the construction of your custom home.

If you would like to book an obligation free consultation, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to talk with about the types of ideas that you have about your new custom home in Vancouver or anywhere in the Lower Mainland.