July 16, 2013

Carte Blanche has Great Rooms with Great Designs

Carte Blache's, Burke mountain Coquitlam, customizable Great RoomWhen building a home in BC the focus will always be the fancy kitchens, beautiful bathrooms and spacious bedrooms, but what about the Great Room? This is the place the family comes to relax after a fantastic meal; it’s the room to settle in on a stormy night with a good book and a cup of tea. Somewhere to lie for your Sunday afternoon naps, to gather for family chats, and a place to rest after a long day. This room doesn’t have a singular purpose; it has a multitude of roles that will vary from family to family. Which is why this room needs to be as unique as your family, so it can perfectly fit your ever changing lifestyle.

Do you need a cozy place to nap or a functional space to watch the evening news? What about both? The Great Rooms in Carte Blanche, Wallmark’s premier community in Burke Mountain, Coquitlam, can achieve both these goals and so much more.

The Great Room can be a comfortable place for movie night. Surround sound and a wall mounted television and media system make for a great marriage of form and function: all the messy wires are out of sight, while still giving you an enjoyable movie and TV experience. Plus, the stunning open floor plan to the kitchen, featured in all four of Carte Blanche’s designs, makes fetching movie time snacks a breeze.

Another great feature of these rooms are the fireplaces; they create a wonderful visual dynamic while making sure the room stays snug and inviting during the winter months. Since virtually all features in the Carte Blanche homes are fully customizable, your fireplace wall can become an opportunity for both storage and display space. Consider adding wall-to-wall shelving around your fireplace, with open shelves at the top for displaying art and books, and closed shelving near the bottom for the kid’s video games and movies.

These are just a few ideas that Wallmark thinks of when tailoring spaces to fit the needs of you and your family. Check out some more pictures of our other Custom BC Homes or call up our customization team at Carte Blanche, to start working on ideas about what Wallmark can do for you. You know your lifestyle; we know how to build a Great Room to fit it.