October 2, 2015

6 Tips for Maintaing Your Home this Fall

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Fall has officially arrived in Vancouver! It’s time to enjoy sweater weather, the changing of leaves, and all things “pumpkin spice”. As well as enjoying the wonderful things fall has to offer, it is good time to start preparing your home for the different, and sometimes difficult, weather that will be rolling in.

Here at Wallmark Custom Homes, we want you and your home to be ready for all autumn has in store. Whether you have built a custom home with us in the past in Vancouver, Burnaby or the North Shore,  or you live in an older home, here are 6 tips for maintaining your home this fall:

 1. Check your Windows and Doors for Drafts:

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An easy and cost efficient way to check for a draft is to:

Making sure your doors and windows are properly sealed can save you around 10% on your energy bills, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

2. Get a professional to service your furnace, HRV, radiant heat system, or other home heating system: 

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It’s a good idea to get your yearly furnace check up at the beginning of the cold season. Doing this will save you money on any heating deficiency that might occur in the coming colder months.

Once you get it serviced by a professional, it is handy to have extra filters to give your furnace an added cleaning after the technician is finished. If your furnace doesn’t have reusable filters, we recommend using a soft brush on a vacuum to get the remaining dust.

3. Check the roof:

Autumn Roof Repair

Your roof faces all kinds of weather, and some of it may have damaged your shingles. You should always check your roof for any cracked, missing, or curled shingles before Vancouver’s rainy seasons sets in. It’ll cost a lot more to fix water damage then it’ll take to fix a couple of loose or damaged shingles.

If there is any damage, contact a local contractor to repair the roof, or if your feeling extra ambitious get your tool box out and get to work yourself on the roof.

4. Shut off any outdoor faucets and detach hoses from the hose bib:

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This one is really important to do before the cold weather sets in. Having an open or running facet outdoors can cause freezing and in worse cases, pipe bursts. Which unfortunately, are not covered by Wallmark Custom Homes' Warranty.

To save your self from a frozen disaster, use the shut off valves (usually located inside your home, near where the pipe leaves the house) then turn on the facet and let the it run dry. In the case of your hoses, detach them from the bib and store them away until the spring.

5. Keep your gutters clean:

gutter cleaning

Though it can be time consuming taking cleaning those pesky leaves from your gutter, it’s save your house from water and/or animal damage. Water can pool up or over flow, causing damage to your roof or siding. Damage that isn't covered in your home warranty.

As well if your living in a forested area, like North Vancouver, little critters might make a home within the leaves, then when it gets colder: your home. 

We hope you remember these important tips for keeping your Wallmark Custom Home in tip-top shape this autumn! If these home maintenance ideas seem like too much work, contact us and we will help you build your new custom build home instead with our Constant Consultation Program!